Today we’re excited to announce that Invoke AI is transitioning to a commercially-supported endeavor, enabling us to further empower artists and creative teams producing original content to bring their singular visions to life with the help of generative AI.

As a leading open-source Stable Diffusion project, Invoke AI has attracted an incredible community of developers and users looking to co-create with AI. We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished to date. With commercial support we’ll be able to build on our early development and move faster, evolving Invoke into an industry standard tool for artists and creatives. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources that professionals need to be at the forefront of AI technology, and we are confident that this new chapter will help us achieve that goal.

Our team believes in the power of open-source software. Invoke AI will continue developing the MIT-licensed open-source project, and our team is committed to building on the foundation of publicly available tools. We believe a strong, open-source ecosystem is critical to the development of ethical technology, and we will continue to invest in fostering an engaged community that embraces the positive aspects of generative AI.

Lincoln, Vic, and Kent will all be engaged in the commercial endeavor and continue to support the open-source project moving forward. Kent is formally transitioning into leading the commercial efforts of our project, building a team that will work in parallel alongside open-source collaborators. Lincoln and Vic will both be engaged advisors on the commercial endeavor.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported Invoke AI thus far. We could not have accomplished this without the unwavering commitment and contributions from this incredible community. We look forward to working with contributors and users to shape the future of how we co-create with AI.

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Invoke AI will release more details on paid products and services soon, built both for solo artists and creative teams. Share your email with us, and we'll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, check out the project's GitHub to get started with the open-source project.

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